$97.00 USD

Everything we speak creates. And we write or design how we speak. Grab this 30 minute course to gain insight on the creative power of your words!

Masterclass: How to Design a Course

It's Time - Unleash Your Limitless Design Skills!


There's no time to design a course for your target audience like the present. If you're like most that I've encountered, they're often afraid or unsure of how to package their knowledge into a single course.

I'm here to help you overcome the fear and design the course that meets your goals and objectives and serves your audience's needs.

This 75-minute course will walk you through 3 things:

  • Purpose of Training Design
  • Planning Your Design
  • Presenting Your Design

I won't be going into depth, but I will provide a high-level overview of what to do and how to do it as I am designing a course.

The course design works for all levels, and I bring my 15+ years of experience as an Instructional Designer to help you navigate this exciting space. People get college degrees in Instructional Methods; you won't need one.

Bring a topic, and let's work through it! Oh and YES replays will be available.

No reproduction or retransmission is permitted
without expressed written consent from Eyedentified Consulting Services, LLC.