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PRINT: I Am Called (Paperback)

Build or Restore Confidence in Your Little Ones

Meet Petee Pioneer, a girl who is being teased at school because of her name. To guide her, rhyming words are used to explain who she is and what she is called toward because of the Christ anointing. An example daily faith confession is provided and is designed to restore her confidence and reinforce this message. A page is provided for parents to work with their children to write their daily faith confession so they too can say I Am Called.

Our children are a reflection of who we really are on the inside, or in some cases, the manifestation of who we would like to be. Looking at a mini version of you is a lot like holding a mirror to yourself mannerisms, responses, attitudes and all. If you want change or different results in your children without changing yourself, you will fail. But, if you are willing to change, then you will see what you desire in and through their lives.

Building Generations. On Purpose. With Purpose!

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